Monday, May 31, 2004

And so it begins.

2004. The year things happen.

Somehow, my friends and I have come to a consensus on this year. Nothing is exactly easy. Nothing goes quite as planned. A bit of work, a lot of thinking on your feet, quick reflexes, and an adaptablility to change. And a willingness to just go the f*** ahead and take chances. See where they lead.

This is the year where we're rock stars. This is our moment. We don't have the option of wasting it.

Me? I just lost a job that I relied on, one that I once quite enjoyed and still was liking elements of. I'm in New York City. It's spring. I'm down on cash, trying to find a way to keep an apartment I love, and my brain is in a million places at once. I should be terrified. I should be stressing triple-time.

But I'm not, somehow. Dunno exactly why. Don't much care. Better things to do.

My man Chris Lamb moved into my apatment yesterday. Flew in from Huntsville, Alabama. Three bags with him. Never set foot in New York before. No job lined up, very little cash, no firm plans... And he just moved here because he couldn't think of a good enough reason not to.

My good friend benjones is opening a store this week. Four blocks from where I live. He stepped out of his life in California in December, hopped coasts, ended up in NYC looking for his feet... And is now running top-speed, better than I've seen him in years. Creating something incredible. Rocking his new neighborhood. Creating something new.

Those are two of many. There's an ever-growing posse of us here in New York. Mike B. in a band that's building steady buzz, and moving and shaking like his life depended on it. Will getting a go-ahead in his music from someone he's admired for years. Max putting together the right elements, and having the right connections to create events and shows that will rock all the right people.

Me... I'm looking around. Trying to imagine some way to put together my experiences and passions and make it my life. Searching for a job to keep my alive and solvent, but looking even more for the right opening to do something I can be proud of. Taking music and sound and making it fit just right into this town. Taking the DJing, the sound and light design background, the people I know...

I dunno. I can't plan this. This is just something I work at 'til it happens. Try things, eliminate possibilities, get knocked around a little. And when opportunity rings the doorbell, don't be suprised that there was no knock. Get on it, and attack wholeheartedly.

So, then. Now. Job uncertain, housing uncertain. Caught up a bit on an issue of girl, but unable to act as of yet.

And know what? I'm not too upset. Not at all.

Just have to charge on ahead. Stand up a little straighter, keep my ears open for a good beat, and do what I can do. I have incredible people around me. We have a summer to own, in the greatest city in the world. This isn't all easy, but it's not supposed to be. Whatever happens will make for a helluva story.

It begins here. Where you stop caring, and care with all your heart. Where you can't fail, you can just rule out options. Where you're prepared to adapt, and even to enjoy it. Where you stop thinking so much.

And there's nowhere I'd rather be.