Sunday, January 28, 2007

Items O' Interest.

There's a bunch of new pics up on Mallfellows, taken over recent visits back to Charlottesville. (Two galleries by me, one by The Artist Formerly Known As benjones.)

Working on lining up a few more dance-party-DJ-things, both here and down in Chville. More info soon, with luck.

And let's not forget, it's almost January 31st! And you know what that means?


So stock up on bananas, pull your ape suit out of the closet, and enjoy this most festive of days. But beware of the odd abominable snowman wandering around amongst the apes... They can turn vicious.


(All the latest and most up-to-date gorilla suiting info can be found over at Mark Evanier's "News From Me", of course.)


Monday, January 22, 2007

And Two-Double-Oh-Seven ensues.

Back in the big city. Back for a week now, and just beginning to get back in the groove of everyday life.

Time in Charlottesville was fantastic. Saw nearly everyone I needed to see, played a couple great parties, designed a show that was everything I hoped, had plenty of time to just goof around and start feeling at home again. Long days, longer nights-into-mornings, walking and hitching rides and working hard and exploring the city I used to know backwards. Getting home as the sun's rising. Sleeping in far later than I should. Seeing the family, having a much-delayed holiday, eating, conversing, making merry. Afternoons reading and drinking coffee, or on top of a ladder moving lights about to create a space that I envisioned. Evenings in rehearsals or playing records, then to the teahouse for beverages and plotting the next stage of mischief. Impromptu after-hours rock shows. The C&O with bundles of friends, creating ruckus, conversing, catching up, cutting up, disrupting the nice quiet lives of the staff. Up late into the night playing Risk and pinball and Katamari, eating popcorn, rolling dice, drinking sake and rye whiskey and red wine, getting crushes on girls, watching old movies, being young and laughing a lot and generally having a blast.

Can't wait to do it again.