Monday, May 23, 2005

The Change Will Do You Good.

Went to see Gang Of Four. Three times in two nights. (Twice at Irving Plaza, once in the basement of the Tribeca Grand.)


It takes a lot to get a New York crowd moving to a rockshow. These two nights, you couldn't keep them still if you tried. Maybe the most thrilling and visceral concerts I've ever seen. Music as energy and gut reaction. Lyrics and songs as scalpels, incisive and carefully guided. 100% pure f***ing awesome.

To hell with poverty. Let's get drunk on cheap wine.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dumpling Imposter.

As in all things, success will bring imitation. Nowhere is this more apparent than here in New York, where you can walk down the street and be assailed by endless tables filled with "designer" handbags and genuine "Hilfigger" sunglasses for sale. It's an inevitability that any product that does well will be aped by those who're looking for a quick buck. Ofttimes, the knock-offs can't be spotted without careful inspection. The average passerby wouldn't know the difference.

So, do not be fooled. This is the real thing:

This is not:

Yes, it's true. There is a Dumplinganger. An upstart that not only moves into the same business that Lucas (the Dumpling Man) has so carefully cultivated, but rips off the distinctive logo. It's an incredibly brazen attempt to cash in on the goodwill and business that Dumpling Man has earned over the last six months. And whomever's behind it is so blatant as to position themselves only three blocks away.

Obviously, action is needed. And in addition to whatever legal channels may be pursued, the publicity campaign is underway.

Dumpling War has begun. I would say that I almost feel sorry for the "Plump Dumpling" people, but I don't. Not a bit. Not for a moment. They have NO IDEA what they're f***ing with.

(And all this is before even mentioning the plans for Dumpling Man evenings over the summer. Which I'll say more about soon. Watch this space.)