Monday, November 29, 2004

Dash for the finish line.

Not much time to write lately. And not much inspiration. Just working all the time, selling some records, trying to make ends meet, doing my damndest to get thru to Christmas...

Still tho, managing to have some fun on the way. Despite myself.

Had a late-night field trip to Times Square last night to meet Mattie and Jo at an irish music session. Then walked about in the rain and got drenched while they got food.
Spent Thanksgiving in self-imposed solitude. Walked all over the city. Had a nice quiet dinner at an indian restaurant. Was actually pretty great for a holiday.
Now I'm working straight thru for a while. Finishing off a few more pieces for musicwrite. Get a couple days off in a row next week, and run down to D.C. to see The Pixies. Which will be awesome. And will make the next couple weeks bearable. Mostly tho, it's keep my head down and sprint to make it to the 24th and the bus out of NYC. Then, it's christmas, family, friends, Charlottesville. Throw a dance party. See friends. Shake up my life a little. Sleep. Have many cheap (and free) drinks. And take a few minutes where I remember who I am, get my bearings, and get ready to tear into another year.
Gonna be a fun December. Wreck my life, and then take on 2005 with all systems go and the Strummer Effect at full-blast. The next couple weeks are just what happens to get me there.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Recap. Recoup. Push forward.

Traveling. DJing. Rock Music. Friends. Excitement. Been real busy lately. Traveling. Crazy.
Last week I went to D.C. for an evening, then returned to NYC.
Then a few days later, went to Charlottesville for a couple days.
Ran thru in my normal fashion, hitting up all my favorite places... Bodo's, Christian's, Monsoon Cafe, and of course the C&O. Seeing friends. Hanging out. Making people dance. Playing the Live Arts gala was an absolute blast, and it looks like we're collaborating on a big all-out dance party down there at the end of December. (There's more Ch'ville pics up on Mallfellows, Should you care to see.)

I went to see my fave new band, The Futureheads.
And I was amazed by what a great live act they are.

I had a birthday, and saw a lot of people. Spent the evening at Jigsaw, enjoying the joint celebration with my friend Jennifer (as it was her birthday too).
birthday1birthday2birthday3Had a little bit of fun, drank well too much (and I'd barely sobered up from the one-two punch of election and visiting Charlottesville). Heard from lots of friends, many of whom I speak to far too rarely. I've had worse birthdays.

This week has been a mad rush of insanity. Working, hip-hop shows, writing, trying to stay awake and pay bills and rent. Decided to just go ahead and create a forum where I can write about music on a regular basis. Therefore, there now exists, so you can go and see what I'm currently crazy about. Because I might as well get some use out of spending all my days listening to and obsessed with music. Turn some of this input into output.

And now, it's on to trying to plan for the holidays. Make sure that I can catch up with all my old friends. Hopefully book another gig here in NYC before the end of the year. Organize the aforementioned dance party in Charlottesville.


I have a lot of work to do. It oughtta be fun.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November 2nd.


That's all I'm saying today.