Sunday, March 25, 2007

Second in a series.

...And the next thing you know, it's full-on springtime. Daylight savings shakes everything up, time starts accelerating, kick the windows open to get some fresh air and turn up the stereo. My life suddenly kicks back into high gear between theater gig, planning next visit back to Ch'ville, being smitten with girl and pop music, other as-yet-nameless project taking too much of my time, coffeeshop what I work at closing to renovate, planning next stage of DJ career, and all the usual idiot revelry that comes with the being young and foolish.


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Sunday, March 04, 2007

First in a series.

Yeah, so I've been quiet for a while... Busy with all manner of stuff. Friends visiting, applying for some theatre design work, spending the usual amount of time at my places of employment, listening to amazing pop music, going to incredible concerts, reveling in the craziness as winter shifts gears and begins tempting us with notions of springtime.

I offer this by way of explaining what I've been doing instead of writing here.

Ramblings, pictures, and other nonsense will now resume transmitting on a more regular basis. I hope.


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