Friday, July 30, 2004



A bunch of images selected from the last few weeks... Running around the city at night with Max, James, and Lamb. Snapping pictures. Being amazed, and often drunk. It all begins to run together.


Two quick notes.

First, some pretty pictures. A shot taken in the Bronx last night, and two of the giant spacechurch that's seemingly being readied for launch on Broadway.


Second, the gallery of pics from my last swing thru Charlottesville is finally fixed. Go look, should you care.


Monday, July 26, 2004


On Thursday night, James and I went up to The Bronx for a hip-hop show in Crotona Park. It was a typically fun New York hip-hop show... And then BIZ MARKIE showed up without warning.Picture80Picture84Picture85-1Picture85

I love this goddamn city.


Friday, July 23, 2004

After the party, and some other pictures.

That's the aftermath photo of the house party I DJed in Charlottesville last week. It was quite a success, by any measure. There's more pics of the swing thru Chville here (assuming that the Mallfellows photo galleries aren't broken again). It was a fun trip. Three day whirlwind of seeing nearly everyone I wanted to, and getting some work done in between drinks on patios. Ah, going home. It's great for a few minutes.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A blast from future past.

Live from Penultimate Night 02, it's
(photo by Greg Kelly, cheers.)


Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Running off again.

Just finished packing to go to Charlottesville for a couple days. See as many friends as I can, goof around The Downtown Mall, sit on the patio at Mudhouse, sort thru my vinyl collection so I can sell most of it off, DJ a giant house party on Friday night and get back to NYC by Saturday afternoon so I can be at work.

Aw, yeah.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Kinda looks like fun.

And here's some images of Wednesday Night at Rothko, courtesy of benjones. I guess it was an okay party.


Friday, July 09, 2004

Some small bit of success.

Well... The party at Rothko went pretty well. With one day's notice and directions that were WRONG, we got forty-odd people out. Some danced. Most drank. Everyone seemingly had a good time. And we can do it again soon.

Which is pretty great.

It was really incredible to see everyone that showed up. Many who I've not seen in quite a while. Some who went well out of their way to attend. And a few who just thought it may be fun.

And as for all of those who helped engineer the proceedings... Massive thanks due to Anna Bond, Max, benjones, Chris Lamb, Rob Krueger, and all the other kids that worked to make this a success. And all the peeps that came out to party (Mike B., Mike W., Suchi, Adrienne, Adrian, James Ford, Will McChicken, Tim VanDyk, Alice, Abbe and Evan, and all the others I forget), thanks especially to you.

This will happen again. Bigger and better.

It's still early in the Summer. We have a great group of people. And we just got another foothold in the city.

I'm trying not to be too thrilled at the possibilities.


Tuesday, July 06, 2004


That's TOMORROW. As in Wednesday the 7th. I am DJing the club I want to play. Doing what I want to do. And what I do best. ROCKING A PARTY.

[my press release follows]

It's a dance party. Loud funky tunes, a dark room, and a disco globe. At Rothko (the awesome new LES club, on Suffolk btwn. Rivington and Delancey). This Wednesday, the 7th. It's one dollar to get in. I'm DJing. You are dancing. It will kick all ass.
Ah, but I hear your queries... "What type of music?" Genre-busting. Rock for the hip-hop kids. Hip-hop for the rock and rollers. Think A Tribe Called Quest and Talking Heads, The Cure and Wu-Tang, The Clash and Eric B & Rakim. Tunes to make the cool kids move.
Show up. Party. Drink. Dance. Enjoy the sort of night New York doesn't usually provide. Because it's summer, and it's time to have fun.

[end press release]

I am so goddamn excited. This is what I want. Now is sink or swim. Now is moment of truth.

Hello to summer. Welcome back to the Strummer Effect. And goodbye reservations and worries. One day to promote. One day to prepare. Rock and roll.



I say damn.


Thursday, July 01, 2004

June 30th.

Wednesday night. Get the peeps together, go see Spiderman 2 (dude), wander around, get some drinks and some latenight food. Nothing incredibly out of the ordinary, but a really fun evening, and it made for some pretty pictures.