Friday, July 09, 2004

Some small bit of success.

Well... The party at Rothko went pretty well. With one day's notice and directions that were WRONG, we got forty-odd people out. Some danced. Most drank. Everyone seemingly had a good time. And we can do it again soon.

Which is pretty great.

It was really incredible to see everyone that showed up. Many who I've not seen in quite a while. Some who went well out of their way to attend. And a few who just thought it may be fun.

And as for all of those who helped engineer the proceedings... Massive thanks due to Anna Bond, Max, benjones, Chris Lamb, Rob Krueger, and all the other kids that worked to make this a success. And all the peeps that came out to party (Mike B., Mike W., Suchi, Adrienne, Adrian, James Ford, Will McChicken, Tim VanDyk, Alice, Abbe and Evan, and all the others I forget), thanks especially to you.

This will happen again. Bigger and better.

It's still early in the Summer. We have a great group of people. And we just got another foothold in the city.

I'm trying not to be too thrilled at the possibilities.



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