Tuesday, July 06, 2004


That's TOMORROW. As in Wednesday the 7th. I am DJing the club I want to play. Doing what I want to do. And what I do best. ROCKING A PARTY.

[my press release follows]

It's a dance party. Loud funky tunes, a dark room, and a disco globe. At Rothko (the awesome new LES club, on Suffolk btwn. Rivington and Delancey). This Wednesday, the 7th. It's one dollar to get in. I'm DJing. You are dancing. It will kick all ass.
Ah, but I hear your queries... "What type of music?" Genre-busting. Rock for the hip-hop kids. Hip-hop for the rock and rollers. Think A Tribe Called Quest and Talking Heads, The Cure and Wu-Tang, The Clash and Eric B & Rakim. Tunes to make the cool kids move.
Show up. Party. Drink. Dance. Enjoy the sort of night New York doesn't usually provide. Because it's summer, and it's time to have fun.

[end press release]

I am so goddamn excited. This is what I want. Now is sink or swim. Now is moment of truth.

Hello to summer. Welcome back to the Strummer Effect. And goodbye reservations and worries. One day to promote. One day to prepare. Rock and roll.



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