Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lots of pictures. A few words.

As usual, I've been neglecting to keep up to date here. I expect both of you reading have probably noticed. So, let's see...

There's been a LOT of snow. Obviously. Wintertime hitting hard, pausing for a day to psyche us all out... Letting everyone run around in the sun wearing t-shirts, then dropping a blizzard on our heads the next morning.

Most of the above pictures were taken a couple weeks ago, on a night that I'd just gotten home from work and gotten settled in... And then the news of Hunter S. Thompson's death hit, and sent us all back outdoors, right as a nice gentle snow turned into all-out insanity. Rounds of free whiskey, snowball fights with random strangers, and much lunacy ensued. (My buddy Lamb recaps the entire evening here, and gets it all exactly right.)

Other than that, it's been a string of crazy days and nights... A hip-hop concert here, a quick lighting gig there, a job interview that I never hear back about, an almost-constant reshuffling of schedules and plans, working nonstop, and even a four-day run down thru D.C. and Charlottesville to see a bunch of family and friends and a few rock shows. Where I got even MORE snow.

And lest I forget, I bartended the most insane Jigsaw party yet, complete with an alcohol sponsorship, five jillion people, and a go-go dancer in the window.

Perhaps the next few weeks will be a bit more sane, and I'll be back to posting more regularly... But somehow I doubt it. Life doesn't seem to be in danger of slowing down anytime soon. And I'd not have it any other way, really.




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