Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Springtime Pop Prescription.


Yeah, I know it's only June. But the new Sonic Youth album is a near-lock for best record of 2006. They've stripped back the excess, the lengthy instrumental interludes, the affectations, the trademark squalls of noise... And what's left behind here is the best set of songs they've ever crafted. The guitars still entwine, there's still judicious use of feedback and distortion, but these elements are employed to enhance the songs rather than becoming the focus. Clean, sharp, poppy, emotionally engaging; not neccesarily the first adjectives that one associates with NYC's art-punk standardbearers, but that's what's on display here. 25+ years into their career, SY still have the ability to surprise, and with this, they might've made thier best record to date; a mainline injection of melody and feeling. It hooked me on first listen (some two weeks ago now), and has only gotten better each succesive play...

It's the sound of spring and summer. It's in stores on June 13th. Go buy, listen, and be amazed.



Blogger Cory Capron said...

I know I've been in a cave (cooking and eating my friends) lately. But wasn't the next Sonic Youth album going to be part 2 in the NYC Ghosts and Flowers series? Did that come out already or what?

6:36 PM  

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