Monday, November 12, 2007


And then (and yes I know I'm suddenly re-establishing contact after a long silent stretch), I was a bit older.

And what remained was a weekend's worth of memories made up of blurred recollections and amazing food and digital photos and falling over giggling and many many many many MANY drinks and old friends catching up and some newer friends suddenly being missed and yet more fantastic cuisine and getting distracted and wandering off and unrequited love and stupid jokes and stolen kisses and immense affection and loose ends and missing polaroids and a few long-time collaborators notable in thier absence and early mornings and late nights and intersecting social circles and intending to go somewhere and ending up somewhere entirely different by mistake and disorientation and selective equilibrium and unanticipated tenderness and music and fun and not a lot of sleep and holding one another tightly and missed connections and happy coincidences and no matter what details we'd tweak if we could, general awesomeness.

It was a great time. I look forward to reconstructing it someday, and in the meantime, moving full speed ahead.

Thanks to one and all.


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Anonymous Scott said...

And a Happy post-Birthday to you, sir!

6:16 AM  

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