Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Rump-Mas!

In the traditional fashion for this festive season, I hereby present your recommended dosage of holiday cheer: GIANT GLOWING INFLATABLE SANTA BOOTY!

Have a wonderful holiday season, and don't say I never gave you nuthin'.



Anonymous Paul said...

Wow, we finally get to see the big guy himself. Glad I got a chance to see that this year.

What would we do without you, Patwick?

1:59 PM  
Blogger k0&4in0 said...

i luv ghost dog too.
ciao da roma!
and i hope u found a new apartment.

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your myspace is fkkked.

Lost 1969 Brian Wilson To Be Released

by Paul Cashmere - August 3 2008
photo by Tim Cashmere

`A World of Peace Must Come`, an album recorded by Brian Wilson in 1969 based on the poetry of Stephen John Kalinich, will finally have an official release in October.

The album was intended to bring together Stevie’s words and Brian’s music. Stevie had signed to the Beach Boys Brother Records label just a year earlier.

“It was done like a home recording,” Stevie tells Undercover News. “Brian co-produced it with me. We started it around ‘69 after talking about it in ’68”.

The album was Stevie’s idea. “I had it as a concept and recorded some of it myself and then I brought it to Brian. He did ‘America I Love You’ with me first”.

Stevie has fond memories of the recording sessions. “I loved making it,” he tells Undercover. “”We had a blast and fun. We recorded most of it at Brian’s house but we went to other studios like Wally Heider and Sunset Sound to work on parts of it. I have fond memories and it was as important today as the day we recorded it”.

So why has it remained unreleased for all these years' “Partially getting someone really interested and deciding in myself to get it out there,” he says.

A World Of Peace Must Come will feature:

A World Of Peace Must Come
Candy Face Lane
I Am Waiting/The Birth Of God
The Deer, The Elk, The Raven
The Magic Hand
Lonely Man
Be Still
Walk Along With Love
A World Of Peace Must Come
If You Knew
America I Know You
A World Of Peace Must Come (outro)
Leaves Of Grass

3:07 AM  

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