Friday, September 24, 2004


So, Smile is finally being released. (If you'd like a brief explanation of what this means in a cultural context, go here.)

I got a copy two days ago... And trying to figure out how to listen to it for the first time, I settled on putting it on my discman and going for a walk.

The sun was just setting. And I just wandered around, listening. Taking pictures. Moving roughly northwest thru Manhattan.


And it's incredible. I can quite honestly say that I've been waiting my entire life to hear this record... And somehow it's as good as I imagined. Brian Wilson got it exactly right.

First day of a new job. First day of a new season. And a sense of just... Disbelief that this music finally exists in a complete form, and an overwhelming happiness that it's everything I hoped it could be.

I'm going to enjoy this Fall.



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