Monday, July 24, 2006

"Meanwhile..." this Tuesday (7/25/06). ROCK BANDS, DJS, DANCING, FUN FOR ALL.

This Tuesday on the fabled isle of Manhattan... The next installment of dance-party-rock-show-MAYHEM. Three live acts, two DJs, one awesome summer night.

My pal Stephen Thorne kicks things off with his inimitable singer-songwriter shtick, Tin-Pan Sioux follow with their distorto-bluesy goodness, and then Jersey's finest The Meltdowns will unleash their thrash-surf poppery upon an unsuspecting crowd. Three of my fave musical acts all on one stage...

And then, of course, it's time for the boogieing to ensue. I'm trading sets with my old pal ADDJ Padati (better known to some as Alex Jost), and we promise a late night filled with the funkiest sounds and the hottest beats. All for your enjoyment.

Show up and say howdy if you're around. It looks to be amazing.



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