Saturday, July 22, 2006

Whirlwind. Manic. Summer.

I've not been writing much, as I've been non-stop busy doing things... Went to VA for five days, ran around, drank, saw old friends and made a couple new ones, finished a long-standing collaborative art project, DJed an art opening, returned to NYC, DJed another art opening, made ginsicles, went to parties and rock shows, sent flowers to a girl (in an uncharacteristic move), put together a new gallery for Mallfellows (which should be up by tomorrow), watched the weather turn absolutely crazy-go-nuts, all while still working endlessly. Have two DJ gigs coming up this week, trying to organize a bunch of stuff in Charlottesville in October, and running off to California in 14 days. Life is awesomely crammed full of stuff, and it's a blast.

More reports from the front soon.



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