Sunday, June 26, 2005

Monday nights, starting tomorrow.

As I noted earlier, I'm DJing at the Apocalypse Lounge every Monday night with my buddy Anna Bond. We were there last week for the first time, just testing it out and getting the feel of the place. Now it's time to do it right. Tomorrow night, we set it off in style.

Anyhow. It's not a dance party, it's not a big throwdown, it's a chill weeknight hang-out with good music. Expect to hear punk, indie, 50s R&B, shoegazer, 60s garage rock, britpop, new wave, old soul tunes, maybe even some classic hip-hop. And whatever else we feel like. Cheap drinks, no cover charge, two people spinning tunes just for you. It all goes down at 189 E. 3rd Street (between Avenues A & B), every Monday night, 10PM until last call.

Think of it as a really awesome weekly radio show.

Only with cool folks hanging out. And air-conditioning. And booze.

How can you resist that?



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