Saturday, June 18, 2005

[a quick note on comments]

So, it's always nice for me to see that there are people reading this thing. I greatly appreciate that you take a few seconds out of your lives to see what nonsense I'm spewing. And (even when I disagree with you) it's awesome that you sometimes take the time to post comments. HOWEVER... Henceforth, I will be deleting any comments that aren't signed. I have no problem with people declining to creating a blogger login, and posting as "anonymous". But if you're gonna do that, then just put your name or initials at the bottom. So I have some idea who's saying what, and know who's for real and who's just a troll.

That's all. Resume regular transmission now.



Blogger - caj said...

And then the troll said, "Who's that blogging on my bridge?"

1:21 PM  
Anonymous tomas said...

el gordito calling you from undatha belmont bridge - good to see you in such fine form - holla if you're ever at mas. keep playing the funky rocks.

11:36 AM  

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