Friday, June 11, 2004

And a quick few words about me.

Crazy few days.

Just went down to D.C. two nights ago, to meet up with my dad and go see Wilco at the 9:30 Club. (Amazing show. Amazing band.) While there, also got to see my big brother David. Which is always a good thing, as he's a constand source of inspiration for me. He got me started listening to music seriously, taught me most of what I know. Made me mixtapes that I wore out growing up. Got me started DJing. I got to hear him spin for a few songs at a bar in Adams-Morgan, and it reminded me again of why I do what I do.

So I get back to NYC. DJ setup is reassembled in my room. New mixes to follow.

In general, I need to remeber the no input/ no output rule. The more I go out, the more I get done. A bit of a contradiction, but I'm fine with that. Jut need to keep the balance.

Bartended four days of the last seven, probably pulling five shifts this week. No second job yet, but something will come.

Planning trip to California for the first couple weeks of August. Go to Santa Cruz, hit up San Francisco and Monterey and Big Sur and wherever else. Maybe swing down thru L.A. before returning to NYC. See the family, spend time with the ocean, catch up with some friends. Looking forward to it.

But there's a lot to do before then. Time to run.



Blogger Martha Entirely said...

My My read what an exciting life you lead. I followed this sight from mine with the connection of our love for the book "The Cheese Monkeys", isn't it just adorable. Well it's nice to see that you get along so much with your brother, I never had a brother, but a younger sister named Sarah. She lives in the Republic of Congo, we don't really know why. Well, have an enjoyable trip, California is simply gorgeous.

9:44 PM  

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