Friday, June 25, 2004

Whirlwind. Confusion. Scramble. And goals set.

Insane week. DJ the crazy art opening, work four nights in a row, take a day to recover, go see Aimee Mann out in Brooklyn, bartend another party at Jigsaw last night, finalize dates and book tix for the California trip in August (for those of you who care, I'm there from Monday, August 2nd at 10:20 am to Monday, August 16th at 1:10 pm), finally set up an ebay seller account so I can sell off some records and stuff and add a much-needed boost to my income, and now I'm just scrambling to get all the cash I need to drop off a certified check and sign my new lease on Monday.

Somehow tho, none of that is the #1 thing on my mind...

* * * * *

I went out with Max after work on Saturday. Long walk, a good few drinks, and much discussion toward respective eventual masterplans for life. And after wandering the Lower East Side for about an hour, passing thru all the evil hipster hotspots, we ended up in this little club. New place, just opened. I'd never been there,but I knew the name from a couple friends' gigs I'd missed. Max'd been once or twice before. It was dark and slightly grimy. There was one disco globe illuminating the space. It was almost 3AM, there were probably all of twenty people in the room, the music was way loud... And it was the best thing I've seen in ages.

The DJ was playing what-the-hell-ever, with no real mixing. And people were hopping around like idiots. It was all dark, no one trying to be seen, or looking at each other. Just a lot of kids having a great night, dancing to Joy Division and The Stone Roses and The Rapture and The Clash. It was what I've never seen yet in New York. It's what I want.

This is the closest thing I've yet seen to The Nature Parties we used to throw. It had that feeling. Spontaniaety, energy, kinetic and mad, fuck it and dance.

Everyone just having fun.

It's where I want to go. It's where I want to hang out. And most of all, it's where I want to play.

This is a concrete goal. I have my sights set. I have seen what I want. Now I go get it.



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