Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Days fly by, and 2004 keeps spinning.

Summer of 2004 continues apace. Proving once again to be a time where nearly everyone has the ground shifting beneath them. And the two ways to deal with that are to try to hold on, or to just jump ahead and see where you land. And jumping is the only logical choice for most of us.

(Another good example, to add to the names I've called out before: My friend Jeanette just moved to New York from Charlottesville. She may or may not have a place to live by now, and is most likely in search of employment. One more persom taking a leap into the unknown, and seeing what happens next.)

As predicted, this is a year of change. There's no telling what's gonna happen from day to day, but we get along. If you can't see what's coming next, you can't worry unduly. Especially when you realize that making a choice and going with it isn't really a big deal. There's no mistakes you can make here that are irrefundable. If you need to try something else later, then you've ruled out one possibility, and you know a little more than you did before. There's an insane comfort that comes in that.

Looking around, there's plenty of evidence we're doing alright. It's like the twins of unexpected and inevitable are on speaking terms again, and have been sure to check their schedules against each other.

I've said before, this isn't all easy. But if it was, it wouldn't mean anything. We have a season to own. A city to remake. And a lot of fun to have along the way.

We're young. This is 2004. We have New York to ourselves. And it's summertime.



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