Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Jigsaw. Benjones. Greenlight for summer.

Tonight is the opening for Jigsaw, benjones' new shop/lounge/gallery/hangout here in Alphabet City, Manhattan. Affordable art, independent media, neat stuff, and a comfortable space with cool people. A new focal point for downtown NYC. An extension of one man's likes and passions into the world at large.

There's lots I could write about this, but I'm sure benjones has already said it, and said it better. Most likely, in his column about making this crazy idea into reality (go here to read his words).

The only thing I can think of to say that he hasn't: This is an inspiration to me, and many others. This is one person doing something insane, unrealistic, and brilliant. And changing one small corner of the world in the process... Maybe not even changing it, so much as creating a new corner for himself, and inviting the rest of the world in.

This is Strummer Effect in the flesh. Manifest destiny made concrete. And I can feel the aftershocks in myself, and my friends. This is a look at what happens when you just go ahead and do what you love.

Summer 2004 is open for business, as of right now.



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