Friday, June 04, 2004

Jigsaw momentum.

Jigsaw is open. Summer is on.

Benjones threw a party for the ages (photos can be found here). The newest coolest place in lower Manhattan launched in fine style. I poured drinks and took snapshots, Chris Lamb worked the door, James Ford ran around as official photographer, Max partied and made art, benjones was the perfect host and master of ceremonies. Had an amazing time, saw a lot of old friends, met some amazing new people. And damn, does the space look beautiful.

And the best part? It's just the beginning. Of the store, and the season. Here's where it starts to get good.

* * * * *

In other news, I've managed a pretty productive week so far. Got some stuff out of the way, a few things shook through...

Got the apartment confirmed for next year, so I can stay put in my beloved Alphabet City. Took some time to make a giant asian noodle peanut stir-fry and remembered that I'm actually a pretty good cook. Interviewed for a position at a record store that I'd like to work at. Finally found a groove in my new bartending gig at Counter (a restaurant on 1st Avenue). Walked around Manhattan A LOT, showing the new kids around, and enjoying the first few days I've had living here without having to be at work thru the daylight hours.

Now it's nail down a second job, try to plan the rest of my summer, and figure out when I take a couple weeks to head out to California.

Oh yeah, and put my DJ setup in order so I can get back to practicing, and make some new mixes. Throw together a new demo disc, with which to get gigs. Work with jamesford on making some f***ed up sound battle tapes. Figure out when to relaunch our series of dinner parties, reformatted for summer. Set up some other fun gathering-style events.

Keep rolling ahead. There's a lot of big dreams and not a huge amount of summer to fit it all into... But now we've seen what can be done. Benjones just set off the pistol and started the race. Now we all have incentive. I see no way I could stop moving anytime soon.

Momentum is a great damn thing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My little boys, all grown up!
Actually, I never thought of you guys as kids (although I'm old enough to have created you, and would have been proud to be able to claim I had) but as friends. Friends with fresher, stronger eardrums albeit.
Good luck to benjones' new venture! As a former store owner, I salute your vision and spunk! May it run longer than the 11 years of Daydream Books and may you enjoy running as much!
Patrick, I'll be checking on you here often. I've missed you, too. Can you post pictures on this things? Do so if you can. Let me see NYC through your perspective every now and then. Good luck on the job front, any establishment will be lucky to have you!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Patrick A. Reed said...

Thanks, Scott. The kind words are greatly appreciated. Photos will be forthcoming (as soon as I learn enough to post them)... You'll get the full NYC-thru-the-kids'-eyes experience, without a doubt.

3:12 PM  

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